We have been at the service of our clients as a family business since 1952, now in the third generation. We were the first manufacturer in Germany to produce expansion
screws in series, starting in 1958.


Precision engineering is our passion. Precision down to the very last detail is not just an empty word. And as a highly specialized manufacturer of precision mechanical products, we are not content to rest on our achievements. On-going progress and technical innovation continually make our products even safer and more reliable.


Our highly qualified workforce is our greatest capital. Our focus is always on the individual. By virtue of instinct and tact, our objectives are achieved by a highly motivated team. Our choice of production strategies is just as individualistic. "Outsourcing" is and remains a foreign word for us. Mechanical engineering has a long tradition at Lewa. Most of the special machines required to manufacture our products are developed and built in-house, on-site. We consider this to be the only way of guaranteeing efficient, precise implementation of our aims. As well as being 100% “Made in Germany”.


Perfect expansion screws for reliably successful treatments. Especially in orthodontic, nothing should be left to chance. Our success proves us right. Considering our complaints quota of zero, we can proudly say: “Our technology is fully perfected and reliable”.


Remchingen is located in the northern border of the Black Forest near Pforzheim, which is an important centre for jewellery, clocks and precision mechanics. Our location between Karlsruhe, Baden’s residence and university city, and Stuttgart, the Swabian automotive capital, is tailor-made for high-tech made in Baden-Württemberg.